Why Grafted?

The merits of grafting have long been utilized in fruit trees.  The attributes of various rootstocks can help allow for the reliable production of varieties that otherwise would not be commercially viable varieties.

The goal is to overcome susceptibility to diseases, increase plant vigor, or increasing yields on low producing genetics.

Grafting is being deployed now on vegetables, chiefly watermelons and tomatoes around the globe.

  • Disease Resistance
  • Higher Yields
  • Longer Harvest season
  • Better quality fruit
  • Fewer Transplants per acre

Who We Are

Plug Connection has been producing high-quality young plants for over 30 years.

Our grafting team brings over 14 years of experience grafting Watermelons, Tomatoes, Melons, Peppers and Eggplant.

We have a customer-focused approach to our program, tailoring the grafting combination to your specific field and needs.

Our Southern California climate produces high quality transplants and our facilities allow us to acclimate plants for the field or greenhouse.

Experience Breeds Confidence

Freight Solutions

We have successfully shipped Watermelons to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Washington, California and Canada.

Our one-way customizable shipper pallets are durable and flexible.

We understand the need for temperature controlled trucking and speed of delivery.

Ask us about shipping.


JP Williams, Sales Manager  619 787-1871 jp@plugconnection.com

Luis Gracia, Grafting Production Manager 760 525-1035 luis@plugconnection.com